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    Most people would agree that animals are our best companion. They truly reciprocate the love showered on them with a binding promise of a lifelong commitment. But what if you could get someone as animal which would be the pet you haven't imagined to keep even in your wildest dreams? Take for instance, the elephant, an animal that displays a sight so frightful that fills the mind with terror, acts so adorable that you would stay by side. Through Elephant Safari Jaipur, we give you an opportunity to experience and live with one of the nature's giant.

    Elephant Safari Jaipur, an incredible experience! In the walled city of Jaipur in Rajasthan area, India, we will give you the opportunity to share a moment of the daily life of elephants and form an eternal bond of friendship with them and forget the hustle bustle of our daily life.

    During Elephant Safari Jaipur, you will participate in a varied numbers of activities concerning elephants, like feeding, bathing, learning about their required medications, etc.

    Elephant Safari Jaipur suggest fun-filled holidays with elephant; here, you could ride, play, decorate them and be a spectator of their unconditional love.

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  • Fun-frolic event

    A Souvenir of Memory

    Enjoy the blissful experience of living with elephants during Elephant Safari Jaipur, away from the city’s hustle in vicinity to the renowned Amber Fort, Jaipur.

    Embellish / Decorate the elephant

    Imagine the elephant as a great canvas and paint your imagination using beautiful colors and brush. The colors would be entirely natural; based of henna and plants; they would give a mesmerizing look to the giant beast while leaving no ill-effect on its skin. At Elephant Safari Jaipur, create your own masterpiece and invite friends and kin to admire it!!

    A Feast to remember

    Envisage making giant elephant chapattis with unique ingredients that would help elephants stay stronger during rough circumstances. Feed these animals and enjoy the delightful experience of seeing them cheerfully gorging themselves by using their trunk. A Feast to Remember at Elephant Safari Jaipur!


    At Elephant Safari Jaipur, another treat welcomes the visitor. Learn to converse with the elephants in their unique sign language. With them, discover your own ways to interact with your new friend through the bond of friendship formed between you two.

    Elephant bathing

    You know that elephants love playing in water.
    In order to strengthen your bond of friendship a bit more, at Elephant Safari Jaipur, take a ride with him to the pond, let him soak in the cool water while playing, splashing and rubbing its big body with water. Finally, if you are lucky, then he may return your favor as a token of your friendship by dripping from “Head-to-toe”.

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  • Rides/Safari

    Principal Attractions

    The historical City of Amer, pronounced Amber is known for its archeological inheritance. Located in the vicinity of the Rajasthan’s capital of Jaipur, it is a small town where tourists explore the still untouched lives of the native residents during Elephant Safari Jaipur where they get enlightened by the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

    A visit to Amber Fort and Palace

    Elephant Safari Jaipur offers a customary ride around the Amber Fort. During the course of Elephant Safari Jaipur, take a twenty minute ride from the foot of the hill to the summit and witness the panoramic view of the City of Amer.

    Jaipur City tour

    Jaipur, the famed ‘Pink City’ and capital of Rajasthan dazzles the visitors with its kingly stature, unique heritage, intricate buildings and picturesque bazaars. At Elephant Safari Jaipur, we offer a two-hour ride to the heart of the city where you will live some of the most memorable moments of your life.


    The next stop of the Elephant Safari Jaipur takes you to the neighborhood villages where you can get a chance to explore a typical pastoral life. Here, you can see residents working in their fields, reciting local songs and celebrating the true Indian culture, a life quite opposite to the daily city life.

    A visit to the countryside of Amber City would prove to be a serene retreat for those who look for peace and harmony. In the twilight, see the sun set over the Aravali mountains which offers a captivating view for bystanders.

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  • About Us

    An experience makes a journey memorable, that’s what we believe and strive for during the course of Elephant Voyage. The website was set up in 2012 and since then, our endeavors aim towards the sole purpose of letting people have the experience of the lifetime in the intimacy of the elephants, one of the giant beasts of Mother Nature with purest of heart. Under the guidance of our specialized team that comprises of trained personnel, the incredible voyage of Elephant Voyage offers you to get up and close with elephants, an otherwise impossible feat to achieve.

    Elephant Voyage is an initiative of Sumit Bhattacharya who took it up as a mission of giving people some unique experience and in turn educating them about the creature. During the last ten years, Sumit has traveled extensively between Delhi and Rajasthan as a Professional Tour Guide. He lives in New Delhi and runs his own travel company Discover India With Us. Elephant Voyage is a dream that has been slowly taking shape in his mind ever since he started working in the tourism industry. He took his inspiration from those tourists whom he encountered during his tenure as the tour guide and who wished to experience a little more than the conventional animal rides and safaris. Sometimes later, he heard that some foreigners live with the notion that Elephants receive quite unfair treatment in the country. All these events left a lasting impression upon his mind and he pledged to not only change the notion but to start something that is fresh and gives people an experience for which they have always strived for. And the result came in the form of Elephant Voyage. Through his safari, he not only helps the animal but also the riders and their families who depend upon it for their livelihood.

    So come and experience our unique yet amazing safari/ride and help us supporting the cause of giving a better life to the Elephants and their riders.

  • Safari

    Step into another phase of Elephant Safari Jaipur with the popular Jungle Safari. It is conducted on the foothill of native Aravali forests in the neighborhood of the City of Amber. The forest is a rich area for flora and fauna. During the course of Safari, you could actually witness many near-to-extinct birds and animals roaming around in their natural surroundings.


    During Elephant Safari Jaipur, travel through the lively village surrounding the Amber City. A visit to the countryside of Amber City would prove to be a serene retreat for those who look for peace and harmony. See the twilight sun setting over the Aravali ranges, a captivating vista to bystanders.

    Nahargarh Biological Park

    Nahargarh Biological Park Safari is among the most popular tourist attractions of Jaipur. A ride through the jagged forest, road offers spectacular views of the natural landscape. A hilltop point provides mesmerizing view of sun set. Animals like tiger, leopard, lion, panther, sloth bear, caracal, deer, gharial, crocodile, pangolin, jackal, etc. are known to inhibit in the park. A variety of reptiles and rare birds also find home in the jungles. One of the most formidable treat of Elephant Safari Jaipur.

    When riding through the forest, you will have spectacular views of the natural landscape, and you will have the pleasure to watch animals. Animals like tiger, leopard, lion, panther, sloth bear, caracal, deer, gharial, crocodile, pangolin, jackal, etc...live in the park. A variety of reptiles and also rare birds find refuge in the jungle.
    *All safaris at Elephant Safari Jaipur include homemade traditional meals and non alcoholic beverages.

    Customized safari

    At Elephant Safari Jaipur, the Safaris and rides could be optional and customized if needed as per guests wishes.

    Note: Durations are optional in all safaris and rides.