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Country Side Safari

1. Welcome in Farm/Introduction
Welcome in farm and let you introduce with our Elephants. You might be surprised to know that there is a certain sound and touch language to communicate with the elephants.

2. Elephant painting
Participate in the unique traditional artwork. Learn how to create a traditional – Elephant Painting While using traditional Indian mediums of henna and plant based paints.

3. Fun ride in Elephant village
10/20 minutes fun Elephant ride in Elephant village.

4. Bathing Elephant
Here at taking our elephants to the Elephant bathing pool wash and scrub elephant using the water hose. Pool is located in our farm

5. Feeding
After the refreshing bath. Elephants love to eat. You might hear “Love goes through the stomach” Here you surprised by many of the clever tricks your elephant will use to get more food, making friends with the elephant in this process.

6. Country side Ride
After the refreshing bath feed one hour Elephant Ride at countryside and Ride Taking you to countryside Villages. Explore the real life of villager people.

Please Note: We are approved by Govt. Of India. We never leave our guests alone with elephant as per safety measurements. You always be guided by our well experience elephant riders/keepers. There are no hidden charges like others. Be careful from cheap/private operators.